TV audiencve around Brisbane have been encouraged to gather round and bear witness as tonight the Kevolution will be televised.

Finishing with the wooden spoon a mere three years ago, the Brisbane Broncos had become the laughing stock of the NRL with departing coach Anthony Seibold staring as Fox Sports favourite whipping boy of 2020.

However, since the appointment of comrade Kevin Walters, the Broncos have galloped back into their ‘90s/early ‘00s form and are set to face the big dance for the first time since the 2015 Queensland civil war.

On the eclipse of this stunning turn of form with a club legend at the wheel, The Advocate can confirm that tonight the Kevolution will be televised, streamed live and pulse with absolute euphoria in the air.

“The Panthers of Penrith will have 80 minutes to respond to our threats,” stated a gold and maroon balaclava wearing comrade with a leg tatt that looks a lot like Post Malone’s face.

“We will fight for victory, neigh, we will fight for Kevolution!”

“All those in favour say neigh!” 




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