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Lifelong Collingwood Magpies supporter, Sarah Gilbert (40), will surely cark it if this AFL Grand Final proves to be in any way competitive.

Gilbert knows this in her heart after attending last weekend’s nail biting preliminary final contest between her beloved Pies and the Orange Tsunami, GWS Giants.

The Pies managed to win the game by one solitary point, and according to Gilbert, the tension and excitement of that last quarter almost gave her a nervous breakdown.

“I had heart palpitations,” she confided in the Advocate earlier today. “I swear to God I almost died from the stress it was so close.”

The Advocate understands that most of the 90-odd thousand Pies fans shared Gilbert’s near-death experience during that GWS game. As only 12 months earlier, they watched another preliminary final that ended with a one point difference. Only on that occasion, their courageous Pies were the ones on the losing side of the ledger.

“History was repeating, I could feel it. I couldn’t sleep for days afterwards,” Gilbert continued. “I’ve only just managed to get back to a sense of normality today, and now the Grand Final is here.”

“Now lets hope 2018 doesn’t repeat”

The Advocate can report that Gilbert’s Magpies are up against a formidable opponent in the Brisbane Lions today. And it is a game that promises to be a fierce contest. “Shit, I seriously won’t survive another one point game this week,” she said, wild-eyed.

While those with little interest in the trials and tribulations of the world of footy, for Gilbert, barracking for the Pies is a family legacy she was born in to. Her grandfather, Tobias Gilbert, even played for the Pies way back in the VFL days before colour TV was invented. She had even attended last week’s match with the entire Gilbert Clan; her two siblings, her Mother and Father, their Mothers and Fathers, and even a couple of cousins. All of whom are lifelong supporters of the #FlagPies.

“Honestly, at this point I almost don’t care who wins or loses. I just want to survive the match,” she admitted.

“I don’t think I’ll actually be able to watch it at all. Look at me, I’m already shaking just thinking about it.” 

More to come.


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