The great migration of Broncos and Lions tragics begins today, as the nation’s proudest and loudest fans head south ahead of the double-header AFL and NRL grand finals that are taking place in Melbourne and Sydney respectively.

Between now and tomorrow, tens of thousands will board flights support their sides in either of the cities, prompting spikes in airfares and accommodation prices in the southern states.

As the punching the bag of Australian price-gouging, Queenslanders have already stopped complaining about the exploitative costs that they have had to wear to simply watch their local sides play in football match, and instead are focusing on the positives.

Namely, all the lovely people they can expect to meet on this once-in-a-lifetime journey south.

This excitement was on display for all on the 11:30am Brisbane to Sydney flight this morning, as one extremely geed up NRL fan wasted no time introducing himself to his fellow Broncos brethren.

“Macca, Indooroopilly” he says to a complete stranger who is definitely travelling to Sydney for the exact same reason.

Macca, from Indooroopilly, says this is his first ever Grand Final, and with the kids now living out of home and a football agnostic wife, he’s making the trip alone.

The bloke seated next to him, also travelling alone, is picking up what Maccas putting down.

“Fraser, Goodna” says his comrade.

The flight attendants barely have enough airtime to give a safety briefing, as the two men spend the next hour and half enthusiastic discussing how good they boys have been playing, and how good is to get to see Kevy share this one with his son, because you know, just a couple years back things were looking bad, and the introduction of that [second Brisbane team] the Dolphins looked like it was only going to make things worse, but you know what they say about Queenslanders mate, we play better when our backs are against the wall, and these Southerns just don’t get rugby league, like sure, Ivan and these Penrith boys have a good thing going on, but they’re no match for the Queensland spirit, and it’s really important that we have enough of our own down here cheering them to let them know the whole state is behind them, because Christ imagine if they win, do you know if the Cross is still worth a look, you staying in the city? Yeah me too, hey give me ya number I’ll fang ya a text to see where you’re at after the match, actually what are you doing tonight, I’ve got a bit of a sting on me I could actually tip a few schooners when we land.


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