Knowing very well that he can only post two, maybe three photos of his day at the cricket before his mates stop losing interest, an overly excited cricketing tragic has jumped the gun this morning and posted a photo of the Gabba outfield, before anyone has even stepped out.

Even though it’s a particularly busy time of the year, local Brisbane man Jason ‘Burner’ Byrnes has taken the whole week off work to focus on his beloved Australian test side.

With a small fortune squirrelled away for mid-strength beers and watermelons, Burner knows he’s only got one shot at making a full day of test cricket look interesting to his wife and mates who are in an air-conditioned office without a care in the world that they are missing one the greatest sporting spectacles of modern time.

“I need to nail the atmos’ as well as the lighting” he says.

As Burner starts floating through the Ashes hashtags before the toss, he’s starting to realise he might have fired off his instagram upload too early!

“Fuck, I shouldn’t have rattled off that photo of the outfield, do you reckon it’s too late to take it down?”

“The boys haven’t even arrived yet”



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