After being allowed into the change rooms at Moore Park, Malcolm Turnbull has today met with several of his own constituents that could be technically classed as members of the Eastern suburbs of Sydney’s shrinking working class.

With the Prime Minister’s electoral boundaries ending just short of Maroubra, It is believed that majority of the working class residents of his once rough and tumble electorate have since had to relocate to the Western Suburbs, due to a hysterical property market.

That is except for the rugby league players, none of whom were born in the Eastern Suburbs.

Considered a safe seat for the Liberal Party of Australia, Wentworth is one of only two original federation divisions in New South Wales, along with the Division of North Sydney, which has never been held by the Australian Labor Party. According to the census, the seat covers some of the wealthiest suburbs in Australia and has the highest proportion of high income families of all seats in Australia, with the Division of North Sydney coming second.

After several security laps of the Eastern Suburbs District Rugby League Football Club change-rooms this afternoon, the Prime Minister was given the all clear to meet with the young tattooed gentlemen who say things like ‘how good’ and ‘haitch’.

In a change of form, Turnbull has today made the move to appeal to the Australian working class. Starting with the 25 or so in his own backyard.

Standing on top of a sports drink branded esky in the middle of the Roosters dressing sheds, The Prime Minister addressed the crowd.

“How are you all you all” asked Turnbull, who appeared visibly surprised at how ethnically diverse the squad was, despite not seeing any Orthodox Jews or Brazilians.

“Or should I say, y’all [laughter]”

At this point, Mr Turnbull was approached by his staffer who had a note on his iPhone for the Prime Minister to read.

“Actually… No I’m being advised by my staffers here that I’m saying it wrong.”


“That’s it. Youse”

“How are all of youse?”

At time of press, Turnbull was seen asking Blake Ferguson which part of New Zealand he was from.

“We’ve always had a big Kiwi community in Bondi” he said.


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