A local bachelor has today been busted trying out hip new clothes, as part of a rebrand aimed at getting more attention from the women.

Kyle O’Donnel (26) has been quite single for going on 18 months now, and it appears the excruciatingly long dry patch has finally kicked him into gear.

Friends say it looks like Kyle is now at the point where he tries to look after his appearance.

While catching up with some mates at the local, Kyle manages to hide in plain sight under the bar table.

The fact that he was first at the pub and sitting with a beer when everyone arrived, before immediately entering a round, means that none of his mates know the extent of his wardrobe make-over. Just yet.

When it’s finally his turn to shout, he slowly stands up and paces towards the bar, as though this is any other day.

While he slowly makes his way towards the bar, he hears what he expected to hear – from back at the table.

“Hold up!” says his mate, Darcy, who was sitting opposite him.

“What’s going on here? What are you wearing?”

Kyle sighs. Darcy and the boys have taken notice of his new super-skinny jeans.

Have a go at those pins! Woot wooo! [hahahahah]” yells Lewis.

“WOOF WOOF WOOF!” yells Brett, catcalling his own mate as though he’s a mid-90s scaffolder yelling at corporate women.

Kyle goes red in the face and slowly tries to defend himself.

“Fuck off mate” he says.

“I always wear this kind of shit”

It does little to diffuse the roast.

“You are wearing sneakers with skinny jeans, mate. You never where that shit!” yells Darcy.

Even Tony, the 72-year-old bartender is getting in on it.

“He’s had a haircut too lads!”

[extreme table banging and yelping]

Kyle puts his head down, knowing that any one liner he makes today will be trumped by the fact that he is wearing new clothes.



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