The South Sydney Rabbitohs remain winless after two rounds of the 2022 NRL season, despite a blockbuster comeback in the final throes of last night’s match against the Melbourne Storm.

The Storm had led 14-0 for the vast majority of the match, until the Bunnies found their groove in the last ten minutes of the match.

Latrell Mitchell forced extra time with a two-point field goal, one of the very few golden points ever seen this early in a season.

The match eventually went to the Victorians, after Storm’s Ryan Papenhuyzen snatched an equally scary kick, to nudge the final score to 15-14.

However, it isn’t the winning field goal that is doing the rounds on social media today, with Papenhuyzen’s kick vastly overshadowed by Latrell’s lead boot sending the ball 48 metres and straight between the sticks just minutes prior.

However, despite coming to the table with a big lift to help his team claw back into a draw at full time, the Rabbitohs star fullback is facing feirce criticism from the amazing minds at Fox League today.

“I mean in terms of crossing the line, he does have a little bit of white line fever at times… it cost them dearly last year” says former Parramatta one-match sensation turned rugby league shock jock, Paul Kent, as he delivered yet another provocative soundbite aimed at generating thousands of clicks from rednecks.

“Latrell needs to change the way he plays”

“Ya can’t just drill a miracle field goal from 48 metres out in the 79th minute”

“That says to me that he’s got a temper. It’s very reckless football”

When asked why he felt the need to offer a controversial opinion on what many people are now describing as genius footballing, Paul Kent says it’s because Latrell needs to stop being so divisive.

“What’s happened here is, he’s gone and kicked a field goal to force golden point. And where does that get them?”

“Straight back to square one. It didn’t win them the match”

“I would think if a fullback was going to make a play that reckless, he’d at least kick a 3-point field goal so they could win the match, rather than go into extra time”

“But Latrell wasn’t thinking. He chose to kick a 2 point field goal. It has cost them dearly”


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