NRL audiences are still in shock over the revelations made by NRL and fox sports commentators that the future rugby league immortal, premiership-winning North Queensland Cowboys Captain, Johnathan Thurston ages like every other human being does.

In fact, he might even age faster than most ordinary humans, when you take into account the fact that he runs 3 or 4 thousands kilometres per year, into high impact tackles with 130 kilogram Tongans – and has done for nearly twenty years.

These findings were revealed in last Friday’s Cowboys v Broncos showdown at Suncorp, and every other match he has played over the last three years – as commentators give insight into their deeply personal relationships with the 35-year-old by pointing out that he ‘isn’t getting any older’.

“He isn’t” says Gus Gould.

“Nah, you’re right” said Ray Warren.

“After his round one performance, I kind of thought maybe he was getting younger, but when you look at the stats on paper.. Its quite clear to see he isn’t getting any younger”

Ben Ikin and Yvonne Sampson from Fox Sports back these claims, stating that when considering the fact that JT was born in 25 April 1983, it means he’s turning 35 this year, which means he actually isn’t getting any younger, because he’s only 34 at the moment.

“Makes sense really” says Ikin.

“In fact now that I think about it, I can remember a fairly similar thing happening to me when I was getting towards the end of my career”


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