The people of Brisbane say that while Victorian footy superstar Brendan Fevola might have been a bit too wild for the AFL in his younger years, they always thought he was a mad cunt.

Although he is well and truly retired from AFL football, Brisbane City says that Brendan Fevola is a legend and they really feel bad about how things ended between the two of them.

The people of the River City have today released a statement signifying that although they aren’t really that engaged with AFL, they still really enjoyed having Brendan Fevola for that short while in 2010-2011.

Credited with bringing back a brief flutter of interest to the AFL in the Sunshine State with his loveable personality an soap opera-off field antics, Brisbane residents say they are furious about how Fev was treated by the elitist AFL establishment both before and after he lived up there.

“He really became one of ours” says prominent blonde brick repointing specialist and Brisbane Broncos fan, Bernie (55).

“There’s not other way of putting this. Fev was a mad cunt. The type of bloke we like having around here”

“He was, and always will be an honourary Queenslander”

Another Brisbanite, Stacey (68, hairdresser) says Brendan Fevola got royally stitched up, and Queenslanders don’t play that shit – and they won’t ever forget how that young man was treated.

“In another life he would have played 300 games for the Broncos and never once had his personal life brought into question”

“If he’d had half the fucking support those little inner city Melbourne toffs get when they fuck up, he’d never have had to go off the radar”

“He was always friendly when we’d see him at the shops. He’s a lovely boy. He’s welcome back here any time”



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