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The Prime Minister has reportedly begun voicing concerns this morning that his dream of being remembered as the greatest leader this country has ever known might not come true.

Speaking candidly to The Advocate this morning via telephone, Malcolm Turnbull said that a few things have happened recently which might, in the future, look bad.

“I didn’t get into politics for the money or the glory,” he said.

“The reason why I got into this game is that I wanted to be the best at it. I was the best banker in Sydney, the best lawyer. Back in the day, I was unstoppable. Even in New York City, people would tremble in my presence,”

“I fucking relished in it, I did. Now, look at me. I have some of the most powerful men in America kissing the sole of my shoes 30 years ago. Now I’ve got thank Peter Dutton and the rest of the God Squad for keeping me in power every morning. I think history won’t be kind to me if I keep it up.”

The Point Pipernese sexagenarian’s fears were confirmed by a number of political pundits, who said that there’s been a number of recent errors – among many others – that history will not remember fondly.

One of them being Peter Dutton himself, who told The Advocate (which he considers the last impartial media outlet that isn’t dead to him) that Malcolm isn’t the same Malcolm that people first met when he became an elected official.

However, just prior to giving comment on the matter, Dutton noticed that our reporter was wearing Vans and promptly declared our small town newspaper to be left-leaning.

More to come.



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