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Test captain Pat Cummins has broken his silence over the resignation of coach Justin Langer this afternoon, telling reporters in Sydney that they had a clash in ideology.

The blue-eyed Blue Mountaineer said Langer didn’t believe in recycling and wouldn’t hear discussion on the matter, demanding that when the team was at training, they focused on cricket.

“A few months ago, I saw JL [Justin Langer] throw a plastic bottle into the regular garbage,” he said.

“And I pulled him up on it. I said, ‘Hey JL, there’s a recycling bin right there. Think of the planet, my dude,’ and then Justin stopped in his tracks, turned to look at me then walked right up to my face like I’m talking two inches away from my face,”

“Justin goes, ‘You don’t really believe in this shit, do you?’ and kind of fake chuckled. I was like, ‘Believe in what? Recycling?’ and JL said yeah,”

Cummins then paused a moment to compose himself.

“Justin said he didn’t believe in the concept of recycling. That he thought it was stupid. That it all ends up in the same bin, he swore when he said that, he said, ‘It all ends up in the same fucking bin, you goose,’ and then he just walked away like nothing happened,” he said.

“Then, like two days later, he comes up to me and says, ‘Mate, you New South Welsh people all have FITHS, which is Fucked In The Head Syndrome if you didn’t already know,’ which I personally found offensive,”

“Justin then explained to me, like I was a five-year-old, that all our recycling used to go to China but China has stopped taking it so it just sits in a warehouse somewhere,”

“It was then that I knew the team needed to go in a different direction.”

More to come.


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