After the Australian Open round one qualifier upset that saw Bernard Tomic lose 6-1, 6-7 (5-7), 6-4 to Italian Lorenzo Sonego in Melbourne over the weekend, the Gold Coast bad boy of tennis has once again consoled himself with his exorbitant wealth.

This is the first time Tomic has failed to qualify since 2008, after Tennis Australia chose not to offer the world number 142 a wildcard following his defeat. This prompted a snarky reply from the on-again-off-again not-as-bratty-as-Kyrgios-can-be Australian sports star.

Tomic told reporters he was heading home to “count my millions”

“I just count money, that’s all I do”

“You go do what I did. You go make 13-14 million. Good luck guys. Bye bye.”

But, as if that wasn’t enough, Tomic is now rubbing salt into the wounds of his competitors and patient Australian tennis fans, by inviting journalists for a walk through of his vintage Mazda collection in a leased Coomera warehouse.

“You see that. 2005 Mx-Crossport. They don’t even make them anymore”

“I’d like to see the haters’ faces when they see me getting around in this beast”

It is believed that Tomic has been a large collector of vintage cars made by the Japanese multinational automaker since he was a little kid, and had up to twelve 1980s-90s models by the time he was 21, telling journalists that most tennis players wouldn’t be able to afford a hobby like his if they ‘fucked around with the Olympics’

With his collection nearing 40+ vehicles, it remains to be seen if Tomic will be able to continue supporting his expensive lifestyle unless he can return to form and secure some form of endorsement outside of the Goldie.



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