In a feel-good story from Coogee this afternoon, a local Year 12 student has had a weight lifted off her shoulders.

This comes as Maddie Kelly gets set to tackle her HSC exams, in preparation for the real thing in a month or so’s time.

In a bit of a fluster this afternoon, young Maddie was beginning to freak out that the exams that determine if she does what she wants to do in life, are around the corner.

However, despite the fact that the is about to be assessed as part of the single mark she gets for a combined 7 years of high schooling, Kelly is feeling great after her cousin felt the need to ring her and tell her it isn’t the be-all and end-all.

“I was kind of freaking out, because I want to do Veterinary Science or nursing, but given the marks needed, I was playing over the scenario of bombing the exams in my head,” she said to The Advocate a short time ago.

“But my cousin Mark rang me and told me he didn’t even attend a couple of his exams and now he’s earning 130k as an electrician.”

“So now I’m feeling heaps better. Cause if I bomb I can just do that.”

“Phew, I guess it’s fine that the tertiary education system has been commercialised to the point where entry to the course is dictated by demand rather than society’s need.”


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