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Local man Liam Williams has fucked up again.

A young plumber and boyfriend has once again waited until Christmas Eve to purchase his girlfriend of 6 years a present.

“I promised myself for the last month or so, that I would really put some effort in and get Sally a nice personal gift that she will love,” he told The Advocate.

“But I have shat the bed again. I don’t know. Girls are so hard to shop for. Looks like it’s gonna be Michael Hill bracelet from me. She said if I got her another Pandora charm, she’d leave me.”

Sally Alcorn, who many of Liam’s friends have confirmed is far to good for him, assured us that she was, in fact, expecting something pretty generic for Christmas.

“Yeah, he is pretty useless. I enjoy spending time getting him stuff that he will love and enjoy. Last year I made up a pack of great things that he loved,” she said.

“But poor Liam. He is a typical boy. So unorganised. It’s actually a little bit heartbreaking when he hands the little gift to me. He always has this face on him like a little boy in trouble.”

Standing in the bustling uber-commercial jewelry store in the Quarter Mall, Williams told our reporters that he hopes by spending a lot of money on the piece of jewelry he may get some brownie points.

“I can just try and drop in down the track that it cost a few hundred dollars to make her feel like special.”


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