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The town’s leading historian, Nigel Walker (65), couldn’t contain his excitement this morning when his youngest son, Dilan (18), asked him if Budapest was the capital of Hungary.

Dilan, who is off on his gap year in March, was after a simple yes or no answer, however, Nigel took this opportunity to educate his young son on the city’s etymology.

“Well, Dil, Budapest is in fact two cities, Buda and Pest, the two are divided by the river Danube – it was only in 1873 that the two cities became what we now know as Budapest” Nigel eagerly explained.

Dilan, who did not care about Budapest’s history, stared blankly at his father.

“So… Is it the capital or not?”

Nigel, oblivious to Dilan’s bored and vacant expression, launched into yet another passionate monologue recalling a time he and Dilan’s mother were in Budapest.

“Your mother and I went to Budapest you know? Back in 1984, your mother was pretty loose back then –”

“Dad!” Protested Dilan, now desperate to end the conversation.

“For fuck sake, just tell me if it’s the capital or not.”

“Oh, yes, it is.”

What started out as a simple father-son discussion ended in both parties leaving with a sour taste in their mouths.

More to come.


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