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Teaching middle-class white people to snowboard over winter and shooting dingos for the DPI over the summer, Dennis Willmott has seen his fair share of what life can throw at you.

He’s seen a lot.

He’s seen Donald Trump be elected President of The United States.

He’s seen Britain leave the European Union.

He’s seen the world change for the worse and that troubles him enough to speak to the media this morning outside his parent’s Betoota Heights townhouse.

“We used to have artists and activists challenging the status quo. Musicians that pushed the envelope of what was decent and acceptable. People used to care,”

“I talking, of course, about Rage Against The Machine. Back then, we only had Bill Clinton and John Howard to worry about. Both war criminals but none the less, they aren’t half as bad as Donald Trump,”

“Gah! I can’t even say his name without feeling sick. I weep for America. Rage Against The Machine, if they were around now, would be seriously impeaching him right now with punk rock and a fuck you dad attitude. We need them.”

The Advocate reached out to the band’s management for comment but have yet to receive a reply.

More to come.


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