8 March, 2017. 12:23

ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact

After news broke earlier today regarding the extent that the Central Intelligence Agency [CIA] was surveilling ordinary people, a local man formerly chastised for taping up his webcam has now been vindicated.

Activist agency WikiLeaks released a swathe of leaked documents this morning which detailed just how much control government spy agencies have over the population, with many voicing their outrage.

Local IT business owner Graham Doherty put a strip of opaque tape over the webcam of his late model Macintosh laptop to protect his privacy.

“Seeing me naked should be punishment enough for breaching my privacy,” laughed the 34-year-old.

“But in all seriousness, everybody thought I was crazy. I don’t have anything to hide, but then why a house have blinds? For privacy. But yeah, the government probably knows everything from my taste in porn to my weekly meeting schedule. I don’t care, but they shouldn’t know that much about me.”

In response to the leaks, which explained that the CIA can hack everything from your phone to your car, the spy agency has remained characteristically silent.

However, one insider has said that the keyword in this whole fiasco is ‘can’.

Speaking to the media via WikiLeaks, the insider said that just because the government can spy on you if you’re using popular messaging services and devices such as iPhones and WhatsApp – doesn’t mean they are.

“They only care about you if you’re being naughty. If you’re a tax accountant who sometimes likes to spend a night watching trap porn and shitposting, then you’ve only let down your parents, not your government.”



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