A Caucasian man from Betoota Grove has been urged to either get a bit of sun, or refrain from wearing bright yellow in the future.

This follows the aesthetic nightmare that took place at the Betoota City Arcade this afternoon.

A local shopper was seen wearing a chesty yellow t-shirt that could have never looked good on him, in any light.

39-year-old Campbell Bracey doesn’t appear to be a Wallabies fan, or a construction worker, so there is no immediate explanation as to why he would commit such a grave crime on fashion.

While the PC police would consider it inappropriate to bring Campbell’s race into a discussion about him not suiting a certain colour, it is widely acknowledged in Article 1 of The United Nation’s Declaration on Race and Racial Prejudice from the 1945 Charter Of Human Rights that it is completely okay to say these things.

Especially to someone like Campbell, who has such a blindingly pale moon-tan.

1. All human beings belong to a single species and are descended from a common stock. They are born equal in dignity and rights and all form an integral part of humanity. Discrimination towards any particular individual based of race is a violation of human rights, unless said individual is a pasty white boy in a bright yellow shirt.

When it comes to unacceptable fashion decisions, this is Campbell’s 2nd recorded conviction since he accidentally bought a turtleneck with flared sleeves on a trip to the snow last year.


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