In what can only be described as a complete an utter embarrassment to both family names, recently-engaged South Betoota forensic accountant, Molly Tuxworth (29), has failed to bring in over 100 Facebook likes on her seemingly staged engagement photo.

Uploaded with the caption: “So this happened…”   Molly believes she was not treated kindly by the Facebook newsfeed algorithm.

“I don’t know if I post it at the wrong time of the day or what” she says with a ferociously competitive tone.

“Some of the girls I went to school with have gotten over the one-k mark with just a photo of the ring on their hands – and some of them weren’t even that popular during school”

The underwhelming social media upload, which shows Molly’s boyfriend Mark proposing to her one one knee, just fell short of the ‘saving face’ mark of one hundred Facebook likes.

Mark says he didn’t even know she had uploaded it and was kind of waiting to tell her parents first.

“Yeah. We’ve called off the wedding” he says.

“Not because she informed everyone about the engagement over social media, but because she’s disappointed with the feedback. She says it’s setting a bad tone”

“In my personal opinion, the caption could have used a bit of work and maybe she could have rattled off a few emojis. I don’t know.”

“I’m moving to my brothers house for a couple months”


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