The twenty or so people backed up in the waiting area of a local DMB branch have today realised how unimportant they are in the minds of their chosen financial institution.

Diamantina Maranoa Bank is well known across the greater Betoota regiona as one of the few banks that assume every single one of their customers has the time and technological know-how to do all of their banking on a poorly formatted netbank program.

Local publican, Paddy Johnson has been waiting for thirty-six minutes in the ‘marshalling area’ which only has twelve seats in it, meaning anyone under the age of 80 has to stand. He is clutching an envelope that holds $8000 in TAB and pokie takings.

He knows he could be here much longer than the one hour lunch break he has allowed himself.

“Guess I’m not going to be able to squeeze in some Japanese” he says.

“The refreshments table isn’t too flash ever”

With a fake ceramic bowl containing two individually wrapped tropical mentos lollies, a stack of 34 plastic cups and a lukewarm thermos of tap water, it is quite clear to Paddy and the other plebeians waiting for the attention of one of the two bank tellers, that they don’t mean shit.

“I mean they could have at least put a water cooler in here” he says Paddy.

“That’s the only way they could justify having cups that small”

With the two lollies looking right at him, Paddy knows he’s going to have to miss out and let some kids that have been dragged by their mother fight over them.


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