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For the fourth time this morning, a beloved local dentist has paused to think about his pawed best friend at home all alone.

Dr Dennis Waugh walked out of his French Quarter medical practice late this morning to enjoy a brisk walk around the block in between patients, when he suddenly caught himself thinking about his placid three-year-old Golden Collie, Jake.

“God I love that dog,” he said, looking out at the treetops along Jardin Du Putain.

“I wonder what he’s up to now? He’s been at home alone all morning. My wife is down in Brisbane on a short holiday with her girlfriends and Jake is there by himself, probably wondering where everyone is.”

“God’s sake, I need to get it together. I’ve got fifteen more people to see before I go home this afternoon.”

Wanting to put the 55-year-old’s mind at ease, our reporter paid a visit to Mr Waugh’s Betoota Heights home on the way back to the office this morning.

There, The Advocate spent some time tapping on the front window and barking back at Jake before throwing a pig’s ear over the back fence.

More to come.


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