The Keep Sydney Closed campaign has drawn massive support from the general public in the wake of a trendy inner-city burger bar reportedly playing the same Wu-Tang Clan song for the 412th time in a row.

Urban Burg opened their doors three months ago after owner Buster Krick (34) realised there was not an American style burger chain within 90 metres of their current premises.

“The hip hop theme gives us a nice point of difference. Plus hip hop is cool and so am I so…yeah.”

Boasting burger flavours you can’t get anywhere else besides the roughly 70 burger joints in Betoota’s gentrified French Quarter, Krick says Urban Burg is a place filled with musical and gastronomical discovery.

“You’re going to get a burger unlike any other and hear some of my favourite tracks you haven’t heard before. Most people don’t know about Wu-Tang except through friends, alternate radio stations, clothing, TV, mainstream radio stations, music streaming services, films and video games. Sort of goes with the underground theme.”

Despite boasting a ‘killer playlist’ Krick does not deny that he once played the Wu-Tang classic C.R.E.A.M. 412 times in a row during a busy Friday service.

“That’s only because we got in trouble for not playing it when we first opened. The licensing people were here handing out fines, and telling us to play more”

“So yeah, 412 times in a row is the record”

“It’s a great hip hop song, why shouldn’t we listen to it? Some people need to hear it a couple of times to understand what C.R.E.A.M. stands for.”

“It’s not my favourite Wu-Tang song though, no way. My favourite is one you probably don’t know.”


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