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Hearing the shouting and hollering emanating from the living room, a popular North Betoota homemaker put his head into the room to see what all the fuss was.

Ben Kennedy was jumping on the couch like Tom Cruise and on the cusp of speaking in tongues.

“Wooooo!! How about that, you bastards!” he screamed.

Laughing at the extolling of joy and happiness, his partner of seven years Brett Cooley then asked Ben if Australia was winning.

“You’re goddamn fucking right we’re winning! Yeehaw!”

Returning back to the deck where he was preparing the steak dinners and cold beers the couple would be having for tea tonight, it suddenly dawned on Brett that this afternoon was the first time he got a reply to the age of question of who’s winning a game of test cricket.

“He used to just groan and say it’s too early to tell if somebody’s winning,” he said.

“But today he was all full of beans and I think he might’ve actually said we’re winning, which is nice. I’m so happy for everyone who loves cricket!”

“It’s shaping up to be a bit of a night tonight. Ben said he’s keen to go into the French Quarter tonight and have a bit of fun. I haven’t seen him like this since Ricky Ponting did something similar, I think?”

Ben then told our reporters to help themselves to anything in the fridge before engaging them in conversation.

“Mate, it’s nice to have a few blokes here now who like cricket. Go grab a cold Peroni and let’s talk shop. Can we get another before stumps?”

More to come.



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