After a 6:30 pm knock off, local man Nick Nelson (31) had only two schooeys at the Lord Betoota Hotel last night, before heading home.

“I’d had a late lunch at work so wasn’t thinking about dinner, got to the pub for a few throat charmers and all of a sudden I felt like I’d had ten of the things”

After bumming a cigarette from a stranger outside the venue, Nick zig zagged his way back home, to find his girlfriend on the phone to her mum.

“I grabbed another beer from the fridge, I felt I was on a bit of a roll”

“Anyway, I was dead asleep on the couch next to the bed by the time the missus came to find me”

“I don’t know what was going on”

Unfortunately, Nick is one of many Australians who is plagued by a condition that renders them unable to get as pissed on weekends as they do on weeknights, usually when they don’t want to be that pissed.

“It’s fucking annoying” says Nick.

“I had meetings all morning… and felt as bad as I did after that two day Stereosonic a couple years back”

“Fuck me I was hurting”

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