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A woman invited to a Halloween party has informed her boyfriend that he has absolutely no say in their couples costume, and that he has exactly three days to grow a moustache or else he’ll be rocking a fake one all night.

The self confessed Swiftie, Renee Mullens, tells The Advocate that she had always planned on dressing like Taylor Swift for Halloween, and had previously thought about going as one of her ‘eras’ (Reputation). But after a frenzied few weeks of Taylor Swift and her new beau, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce dominating the news cycle, Renee has decided to drag her boyfriend Adrian into the mix – informing, and not requesting, that he don the football jersey.

“It was a no brainer”, says Renee, showing out reporter some of her costume inspo, which includes the exact same outfit Taylor wore at the Arrowhead stadium, “it’s going to be so cute!”

Smiling as though she’s talking about a dear old friend, Renee says she’s so happy to see Taylor finally dating someone who’s not intimidated by her success.

“She’s such a powerhouse, so I’m sure it was such a breath of fresh air to have someone court her and lean into that provider role”, she said, having thoroughly dissected the dynamics of the couple, “they both enjoy the limelight and know how to play the game, it’s a terrific match, really.”

“And yeah, it might be all PR, but they really do look so good together.”

“They’re the all American power couple. It’s like our generation’s JFK and Jackie Kennedy.”

“Plus he’s really tall.”

Adding that she hasn’t really approved of who Taylor Swift dated since Tom Hiddleston, Renee says she’s glad she didn’t have to get Adrian to dress up as Matty Healy.

“I would had to have gotten Adrian to not bath for three days and constantly carry a cigarette in his mouth like a wanker.”

“A moustache is so much better.”

More to come.


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