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In what started out as a seemingly innocent bong session under his parent’s humble Betoota Heights Queenslander, a local teenager’s chop up has ended on a rather sad and pensive note.

Still shook from hearing Immortal Technique’s 2001 horrorcore rap ballad, ‘Dance With The Devil’, Stan Sandisk said he was at first shocked and horrified at the tracks content yesterday afternoon – but now he’s just saddened by it.

“So heavy, bro,” he said.

“My mate’s older brother Greg, he’s the one that keeps hooning around Betoota Ponds in that red Nissan, he was like, ‘Hey boys, want to hear the most fucked up song you will ever hear? Pass the AUX cord you little bitch and pack yourself a romper, get ready,’ and then we were all like sure, whatever,”

“And then he plays the track, I’m basically on the verge of greening out hard, which would’ve been heaps scat in hindsight – and we were all like it’s not that bad,”

“Then the ending and the whole thing about kidnapping that poor woman. These guys are animals. Why do people glorify them? They should be in prison!”

Even after a hazy but restorative night’s sleep, he couldn’t get the images out of his head, nor the song’s lyrics.

The Advocate reached out to a number of local parents regarding their children’s exposure to such graphic content.

Colin Sandisk, Stan’s upper-middle-class father with enough time on his hands to worry about the music his son is listening to, spoke to our reporters regarding songs such as ‘Dance With The Devil’ and others.

“Why can’t kids listen to good music, like Bob Dylan or The Eagles?” he said.

“Like back in my day. Sure, we had communism and AIDS to worry about but they certainly didn’t inspire such filth. I’ve given these songs a listen to, these ones that have ‘shook’ my son into a deep period of introspection,”

“They make it seem cool and OK to commit violent crime and to do drugs. My son would never do drugs but you never know with these types of influences around them.”

More to come.



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