Although Royston Saxon says that while he doesn’t feel safe in his community anymore, he stills adamantly believes that a deported man with well known links to outlaw motorcycle gangs and a criminal record should be let back into the country.

“Come on, he’s Dusty’s dad for christ sake, he needs to be let back in” he told our reporters.

The Richmond-raised Saxon, who recently moved out to Dandenong after property prices surged and he cashed in, told us that he can’t take his family out for dinner anymore, citing gang violence as the primary concern.

“As soon as the sun goes down around here lock the doors fellas,” said Townsend, pretending like our reporters had just set foot in a Sao Paulo favella.

“I’m not racist but, these African gangs have completed ruined this community,” he said, looking out the window at a his favourite hotel, with 270 poker machines pinging through the suburban street.

We asked Townsend why he strongly held the belief that Shane Martin (who had his visa cancelled by the Immigration Minister for the aforementioned reasons) should be allowed to return to the country.

“Okay, okay, taking my Richmond hat of here for a second. The poor bloke, yes he was the leader of the Rebels and all that, but he missed his son win a Brownlow and Premiership, surely that’s punishment enough?” said Townsend.


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