Perth is a really unique city and isn’t like all the other city’s on the east coast, it has been confirmed, by Perth.

The claims were made by Perth residents who insist it really isn’t just a generic AFL-supporting city with kind of conservative politicians, extremely expensive beer and cashed up blokes wearing high-vis.

“Nah it’s got a whole ‘scene’ – it’s real different” says one Perth person.

“Nightlife, beaches… It’s like completely different to everywhere else in Australia just no one knows that because there’s a three hour time difference and a $600 flight to get here”

This comes after claims late last year that Perth was just ‘throwing up a few cranes’ to look busy –  accusations that most Perth people will admit to, following the swindling of mining boom cash and subsequent lack of infrastructure.

However, they still refuse to admit that their town isn’t worth visiting.

The incumbent Premier of Western Australia is Mark McGowan has also weighed in on this argument that pretty much every single Perth person to ever live regularly gets caught up in.

“When people say Western Australia doesn’t have any good music, it’s like ummm try again sweetie – ever heard of Tame Impala?”

“Actors, ummm yeah… Heath”

“We’ve had one of the greatest footballers to ever play Aussie rules come from here, but I’m not going to say his name because the poor bugger doesn’t need any more headlines”




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