A copyright lawsuit might be in the works as it has been suspected that a Betoota Heights electrician probably didn’t seek permission to incorporate South Sydney Rabbitohs iconography into his company logo.

Although Peter Watts (45) of Watts Brothers Electrical lives a 20 and a half hour drive from the Rabbitohs heartland, he still supports the bunnies as they have always had fans popping up everywhere like mushrooms after rain.

“Most premierships in NRL history mate,” stated Watts, who was lucky enough to have been alive for one of them.

“Foundation club mate. Why we are not on the $20 note…I just have no fucken clue!”

So strong is Watts’ passion for the football club he long ago made the choice to incorporate their logo into his own as if to let potential customers know the business is run by a stubborn old codger who will get the job done but at his own speed.

Similarly, Watts has done up his work ute with a custom spray paint job that wouldn’t have been out of place in the early noughties Pimp My Ride TV program.

“If I’d have known Reynolds wasn’t going to re-sign I wouldn’t have dedicated the left side of the ute to him. I would have put the business phone number on instead.”

Unfortunately, what Watts didn’t do during our three hours together was fix the kitchen lighting that I specifically called him over to do.


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