12 June, 2017. 13:23

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Two prominent young Republicans have spent the morning moping around Davidson Reserve in West Betoota, trying their best to enjoy a public holiday that they’re morally and ethically against.

Wallace Prattley and Lisa Gooch bring up the idea of an Australian Republic at every opportunity they have.

While that hasn’t stopped the 24-year-olds from enjoying a wide circle of like-minded friends and acquaintances, it has prevented them from enjoying the Queen’s Birthday long weekend in the past.

“I mean, it’s just such an archaic and ‘colonial’ holiday to have,” said Prattley.

“We should be celebrating something Australian! Like we could commemorate the shelling of Sydney and Newcastle by the Japanese, which happened on June 8? Just a thought.”

Ms Gooch was equally as critical of the current holiday, however, the Virgo was more optimistic about what we should be celebrating as opposed to the birthday of Queen Victoria, a ‘woman responsible for more human suffering than Mother Teresa.’

“I agree with Wal,” she said.

“We need to change this current system, even if it won’t actually change anything, it’ll just cost the taxpayer millions of dollars,” she said.

“But I think we as a nation should celebrate the birth of  Steve Renouf each year. He born on the 8th and he’s a great Australian. Just a thought.”

More to come.


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