1 May, 2017. 10:23

ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact

A prominent South Betoota teenager has lashed out at the suggestion that using RhymeZone cheapens his craft and challenged anyone who thought differently to come down to the Wentworth Road skate park and say it to his face.

RhymeZone is a popular internet website that finds rhymes for a word you give it, leading to widespread controversy in the poetic and hip-hop communities.

“So what if I use RhymeZone, cunt?” asked Dylan “MC KoneGoblin” Potter, 19.

“Everycunt [sic] uses it, brah. Why youse singling me out? Hey? You gotta [sic] problem with me, cunt? Come down to the Wenny Skate Park and I’ll put my trucks over your fucking face, cunt. Let’s dance, you’re a pussy bitch. Run it straight, cunt. I’ll fucking kill you bitch.”

Our reporter then retreated to his company AU Falcon and retrieved his son’s late model Razor scooter to defend himself.

After a short but highly physical altercation, our reporter managed to wrap the scooter around Mr Potter’s head, causing him to almost instantly lose consciousness and flop about at the bottom of the skate pool like a carp on a riverbank.

Police and ambulance crews arrived shortly afterwards and arrested the still unconscious Potter and transported him to Betoota Base Hospital, where he remains in a serious, but stable condition under police guard.

More to come.



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