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Tumblr has been rocked by blogger D’Arcy Sunmarin (27) who has not only set the internet ablaze with her Harry Potter blog (The Half-Blood Queen) but her stance in not identifying with any Hogwarts House.

“People say I’m brave for having my stance but that doesn’t make me a Gryffindor, lol.”

While many Harry Potter fanatics (such as Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews) take pride in the house they choose when purchasing merchandise, Sunmarin sees the houses as more of a spectrum and rejects the idea of being locked into one box.

“You know sometimes I’m just a bit of a Hufflepuff, just cruising through life with my besties, working hard still. But I want to make it to the top so I’m also like a Slytherin. You don’t get 2,000 followers sitting on your ass!”

“And I love books so I’m also a bit of a Ravenclaw! I seriously love books, even The Cursed Child!”

Not everyone in the Harry Potter community has thrown their support behind Sunmarin stating she should grow up and find out her house using the Pottermore online test like everyone else.

Sunmarin states while she is affronted by these comments, she deals with hate like this on a regular basis.

“The Gryffindor in me gets quite snappy when I hear stuff like this.”

“What they have to realise is that the Pottermore Sorting Hat test fails to take so much into account details such as seeded ethos, family history and attitude under pressure. That test probably would have sorted Malfoy into Hufflepuff!”

Online disagreements aside, Sunmarin is happy to be a spokesperson for Potterheads who don’t identify with any house.

“I just want to get back to writing about the real issues such as what would have happened if a Slytherin house champion was pulled from the Goblet of Fire and whether anything was going on between Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnigan.”

“I’m kicking goals! Ten points to…me!”


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