Sir Paul McCartney’s spectacular Wednesday night Brisbane show at Suncorp Stadium has left Queensland feeling uplifted, in the midst of bushfires and storm warnings.

With a setlist of well over 30 songs, the lucky ticketholders were treated to a gig that was unlike any performance they’d ever seen before.

But after the multiple encores wrapped up, Sir Paul McCartney that was also treated to a night out that was not like anything he’d ever experienced either.

The 81-year-old showed no signs of slowing down as he tore through the most iconic and powerful songs in the Beatles catalogue, as a stadium of adoring fans took in the once-in-a-lifetime experience to see a real life rock music pioneer sing the soundtrack to the 20th century.

This stamina was exactly what was needed, as the old man made friends with the security personell hired to guard his backstage area.

“What’s doing tonight P?” asked one of his Brisbane security guards, Iosefa.

“You wanna cruise with us?”

Sir Paul McCartney, a worldly man who has spent his life bouncing between ashrams in Northern India and live concerts for the Queen, made sure to let his new mates know that he is not one to shy away from the big jobs.

“Well, I suppose I do have a sleep in tomorrow” said Sir McCartney.

The Islander security guards let out a che-hoo as they begin changing out of their workwear and applying cologne in the British rock superstar’s change rooms.

“My cousin Tony is driving.” Iosefa tells McCartney.

“Sione, Soleh can you let his Ford Territory into the loading dock”

Within half an hour, the multi-millionaire singer-songwriter was seated in a private booth at Fortitude Valley’s famous The Met nightclub, jammed between turnt up usos.

“What do you call this drink?” he asks Sione.

“Sole its a VCR. Vodka coke raspberry. Good aye”

Paul McCartney nods.

“It’s fantastic. But it’s very sweet, I might move back to the Pinot Grigio”

As the night marched onwards, Paul McCartney was treated to some of the finest hip hop DJs that Brisbane City has to offer, as well as an array of drunken brawls on the streets of Fortitude Valley.

“My goodness, Aleki” says Sir Paul McCartney.

“I haven’t seen a scrap like that since I lived in Liverpool. You really gave it to him”

The boys then lined up for a 3am feed at Valley Kebabs, before one of the usos puked in a nearby garden bed.

“Haha. Taxiiiii” shouts McCartney.

“Speaking off, where’s Tony with the truck. Where are we heading next!?”


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