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Cutting through the grounds of Betoota National University this morning, one local student on a walk of shame paused to ask himself what was so shameful about what he was doing.

John Greenholm, a third-year philosophy student, went along to see the Turkish Drill Pressers last night at the Dolphin’s Club and by all reports had a great time.

Another concert-goer, Francine Maitland, also had a great time.

The fifth-year Arts student and John knew of each other through friends but hadn’t had the time to properly acquaint themselves properly.

As it turns out, they only needed 60 minutes, half a dozen white wines and some a terrible local punk band.

According to John’s group chat, he ended up back at Ms Maitland’s dorm room shortly before midnight and played a cracking late cut between third slip and gully.

Greenholm claims he left Francine’s college room at around 7 this morning, taking the frost off the grass as he took a shortcut over the oval.

He was on a walk of shame – but that emotion was far from the front of his mind.

“I shared Francine’s Instagram handle to the group and they all gave me great feedback. I’m on top of the world,” he said.

“Why do they call it a walk of shame? I literally just finished having the life chonged out of me and now I’m heading back to my place to have a shower and eat Pop Tarts on the couch all day. I’m actually having the perfect day so far,”

“The feelings of shame that typically accompany situations like this is strangely absent.”

More to come.




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