Local woman, Ashley Mapusua, says six straight days of watching the Ellen Show is enough for even the most uninspired jobseeker.

After a fortnight of unemployment, Ashley has finished watching ‘all the good stuff’ on Netflix and is now killing time by watching light-hearted American daytime television.

“It hurts. I lost my job as a sub-editor due to redundancies only two weeks ago…”

“I tried to get straight back on the horse and went out chasing interviews, but I ended up losing steam and here I am”

However, as dire as things seem already, Ashley says it’s not just her taste in television that is declining – her hygiene is as well.

“I had this moment yesterday when I was one the couch at around 2:30 PM”

“I realised I had a lit cigarette in my hand and I had only been awake for a couple of hours. I hadn’t showered, hadn’t changed clothes. I was so very, very unemployed”

With a couple of very unlikely job prospects popping up in the next week, Ashley says she won’t be living like this for long.

“Yeah, I’ll go over my resume again in an hour or so. I’m just really getting into the Big Bang Theory right now.”


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