A recent report shows that the boys actually scrub up alright when they have to.

Sources close to the group are reporting that the boys are looking deadset schmick in the tuxes they rented for tonight’s engagement party at the Betoota Surf Club. The boys, who decided to “go all out for Jace and Saz’s thing”, have rocked up just before the speeches, in accordance with “climax theory”.

“Lotta talent here tonight, boys,” said ringleader and former fullback George Harb, doing up his jacket and checking his bowtie as he exited the Uber that brought the boys to the party. “Lotta talent.”

The boys’ efforts did not go unnoticed, with various great-aunts stating they look “very smart, yes” and even bride-to-be Sarah Haines confessing a wandering eye. “The boys are looking schmick as,” she enthused. “I’m so impressed. Yeah, they scrub up really good.”

Her fiance, Jason Trindall, is equally taken with how good the boys are looking this evening. “I knew something was cooking,” said the tie-less host. “but full credit to the boys, they kept it under wraps.”

At time of press, one of the boys could be seen running an unlit cigar under his nose, and promising they’d smoke it later on the outside balcony.


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