A recent report by Betoota’s leading pub science group has found that interrupting a season yarn-spinner while he’s halfway through doing what he does best, is a horrible thing to do.

Not will you find yourself disrupting the momentum of the great man, but you’ll also skirt very close to ruining the yarn for everyone else.

However, the most unpleasant repercussions are the consequences that will be faced by the offending loudmouth.

The new study, conducted by the Licensing Inquiries and Testing For Australian Management (LITFAM) ombudsman, has found that thousands of Australian’s each year have admitted to making this near fatal gaffe.

Professor Nathan Fowler from the LITFAM Yarnsmith Division says there are very few instances that would justify this kind of interruption.

“What we’ve found is, that when it comes to seasoned yarn-spinner in the throes of spinning a yarn, the subject has usually set the scene, built up the yarn, and provided context to the yarn that will become relevant later in the anecdote” says the professor.

“These are very delicate circumstances, namely because the audience needs to be giving their undivided attention to the plot twists and tangents, or else the yarn will finish with anti-climatic confusion”

“The yarn-spinner also needs to concentrate on the yarn themselves, because it’s a gruelling task to hold court in these circumstance, with so much information to relay at specific points of the yarn, even if it looks as though it comes across quite easily”

The report finds that interrupting a yarn-spinner in this temporary state of vulnerability can result in a soul-snatching death stare, and the possibility of the yarn-spinner refusing to finish the yarn due to you being such a fucking clown and ruining it.

The only excusable reasons to interrupt were listed as ‘oi mate your wife is on the phone, I think you should take this‘ or ‘boys boys just quick the cops are doing a walk through.’

“What is definitely not excusable…” said the professor.

“Is to interrupt a yarn-spinner with racing tips”

“Those who think doing maths at the pub should be prioritised over spinning a yarn will feel the wrath of the yarn-spinner and everyone else in their vicinity”

“And if it’s your shout, you should leave silently and accept that you will miss this one, no one should ever be put in a position where they have to choose between being thirsty or interrupting a yarn to point out whose round it is.”



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