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In some completely mundane news, a couple of best mates have reached the ‘frequently updating each other with the most trivial parts of their day’ level of their relationship, also known as ‘codependency.’

It’s alleged Megan Fulham and Kaylee Khilarny chat to each other at a rate of every fifteen minutes throughout the work day, and surprisingly never run out of things to talk about.

Which is admittedly quite easy, given the topic of conversation has no quality code of conduct.

Flipping from the usual topics of ‘this guy sicks’, ‘I feel bloated’ and ‘why do I have diarrhoea’, Megan and Kaylee can never go past the old classic of simply stating whatever discomfort they’re currently experiencing – as if they were regressing to being a toddler.

Today, Megan (currently unemployed) has simply informed Kaylee that she is hungry.

To which Kaylee has responded ‘me too.’

This thrilling conversation has resulted in the two musing what they might have as a little snack, with Megan complaining she has nothing in the cupboard but she ‘might order some chips from Nandos.’

Hopefully nothing more to come.


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