13 April, 2017. 15:34

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An insensitive South Betootanese primary teacher has come under fire this afternoon for asking a new arrival to the region if he was born in a tent.

Speaking to The Advocate just moments ago, Hazim Al-Kannada, 8, said he was asked a fairly straightforward question and he simply gave a straightforward answer.

The year two student at St Benedicts Primary was asked why he keeps leaving doors open whenever he leaves or enters the classroom by his teacher Paul McConnor, who jokingly asked if he was born in a tent – how the popular saying goes.

“Yeah, I know I leave doors open,” said Hazim. “I don’t know why, it’s just something I do. But Mr McConnor asked if I was born in a tent because I always leave doors open, so I guess that’s got something to do with it.”

Just as the teacher made the remarks, school principal Gwendolyn Musgrove walked past in earshot.

Horrified, she asked to speak to Mr McConnor briefly out in the corridor.

“She asked me, ‘Do you have rocks in your fucking head, cunt? Of course, he was born in a tent. Not many Iraqis are born on Nauru by choice, are they?’ and then the penny dropped,” he said.

“So I went in and apologised to Hazim and all is well again in the world. Again, for anyone offended, I’m sorry for being insensitive enough to offend you, a perfect stranger. Anyway, go Broncs.”

More to come.



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