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In what started out as a line of questioning to determine if a local referee’s eyes were ‘fucking’ painted on, has turned into a touching and sad moment.

One prominent rugby league referee, who asked to remain anonymous, has told The Advocate of how he hears every cruel and unfounded criticism a local man makes whenever he tunes in to watch games he’s officiating.

“Yes, I can hear everything he says,” said the referee.

“And what he says isn’t always nice. Over the weekend, he said I missed a forward pass, a knockout and a penalty. Well, I’ve got new for you, buster! It’s harder when you’re out in the middle!”

“So fucking run at me, cunt. You’ll be eating your fucking potato gems through a feeding tube after I’m done with you!”

But for Jeff Hartley, a marginally-employed-French-Quarter-sandwich-maker and the local man in question, he’s glad the referee can hear what he screams at the television – because it’s the truth.

Speaking from the heart, Hartley explained that it’s good that his voice is being heard.

“If he can fucking hear me, then why does he insist on shitting the bed each time the Titans touch the ball?” he said.

“Fucking riddle me that. Anyway, if he’s listening now, open your fucking eyes cunt and stop being so bias towards my team!”

“It’s enough to put a man in an early grave, it is.”

More to come.


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