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A Betoota Heights local has this week had his intelligence seriously questioned after failing to get Wordle right not one, but three days in a row.

Despite considering himself a reasonably smart bloke, James Tibbet [27] has seen himself thwarted by a simple word puzzle and left wondering just how many five letter words there are, ending in ‘ER” and with ‘L’ as the second letter.

With all vowels grayed out except for ‘E’, James was left feeling pretty stumped and a little stupid – and with just one turn left, he had very little to go by.

“Something LYER?” He muses, looking at the available letters he has left, “Can’t do flyer, because F is out.”

“Is glyer a word? Blyer?”

“Fuck sake.”

Now reaching a solid forty minutes trying to figure the word out, James found himself scouring the web for five letter words in an effort to save face, and not ruin his streak even more.

“Something leer?”



Chucking in the word flyer because he wanted to be put out of his misery, James felt disgusted when the answer was finally revealed to him, chastising himself for missing something so obvious.


“Like the elder wand, how the fuck did I miss that.”

More to come.


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