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Popular southern bar magnate Justin Hemmes is allegedly in talks with the owners of The Cashew & Pogostick Hotel in Betoota’s Old City District – a move that has outraged locals.

Many of the pub’s patrons have voiced their disgust at the proposed sale, telling The Advocate that Hemmes is a ‘pub wrecker’ and that ‘all the Betoota Grove yuppies’ will end up destroying the hotel’s soul, even though it hasn’t had an operating kitchen in eight years.

Justin Hemmes already owns one hotel in town, The Dickless Parrot, on Vulture Road in Betoota Heights.

When he took over in 2011, one local was so upset by the purchase, he started drinking in another bar.

Our reporters spoke to a number of disgruntled Old City District locals who’ve taken to the streets in order to protest the iconic venue joining the Hemmesphere.

“Rumour says he’ll take Betoota Bitter off tap if he takes the place over!” yelled one.

“We won’t be able to smoke inside anymore! Spitting on the ground and rubbing it into the carpet with your Dunlop Volley will be the next thing to be banned! This guy will ruin our pub!”

“Where will my son drink? He doesn’t turn 18 for another two years! I don’t want him drinking in the bar with all those rough hoods from Betoota Ponds! He might get a longneck smashed over his head.”

The Advocate reached out to Justin Hemmes and his management team in the Harbour Capital for comment but have yet to receive a reply.



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