A man has been pronounced dead in a Betoota brewery after a plate of loaded fries accidentally discharged killing him instantly.

Available at every venue that serves beer, loaded fries are a bowl of fries or hot chips topped with any variety of ingredients such as melted cheese, meats, sauces and whatever else weird shit they did in the part of America the chef visited.

While usually considered safe for human consumption, a plate of dangerously loaded fries in the Old City District brewery, Hopstabber’s Beer Co, ended up being the last meal for diner Neil O’Kevin.

“I tried to warn him that the fries are loaded and that he had to be more careful,” stated one member of the Hopstabber’s staff who states they thoroughly explained ‘how the menu works’.

“He thought the waiver he had to sign was some sort of gimmick we just do as a stunt. Crikey, it is a good thing he signed it.”

According to O’Kevin’s friends, the bullet chip recipient was a lover of dangerous foods having previously sustained third degree burns from a chocolate lava cake and blunt force trauma from a club sandwich.



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