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A polite but charmingly unkempt local tax accountant is once again the ire of the office today after he sweeping his lunch crumbs off his desk and onto the floor.

Known mostly for his happy-go-lucky disposition and a ‘hilarious’ disrespect for the Australian Tax Office, Colin Peterson explained to The Advocate that he often leaves the floor under his desk looking like a painter’s radio.

“It’s not my job to clean the floor,” he said.

“But it is my job to keep my desk clean, so I think I’ll killing two pigeons with the same stick – if you know what I mean,”

“But that pork roll was deadly. Deadly messy. Think I got a big bite of paper out of the last chomp, not feeling that flash right now. Anyway, that’s what I get for coming back to work after lunch on a Friday! [laughs] Seriously, though. I’d knock my boss out if it didn’t mean I’d lose my job.”

One of the 29-year-old’s coworkers expressed her mixed feeling for Petersen in a short interview with our reporter.

Jennifer Caldwell, a junior accountant at the boutique Old City District financial firm, said that while Colin is ‘really funny’ and ‘handsome’, she feels his utter contempt for even having one iota of cleanliness in his life makes him hard to be around.

“Look, Colin and I have a bit of a history, but I could never see myself getting chonged by him on a fulltime, monogamous agreement,” she said.

“He’s just too messy. Not his personal hygiene or anything, just the attitude that ‘it isn’t my job’ to clean the floor and that he’s ‘creating local jobs’ by creating mess for people to clean up,”

“But if he sorts that part of himself out, I wouldn’t need a bottle of rosé on a warm Friday afternoon just to start giving him the eye.”

More to come.



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