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CCTV footage from inside a Betoota cardboard box factory has solved one of 4Sides’s biggest workplace mysteries.

For months the emptying of the kitchen biscuit jar had remained shrouded in mystery, however, The Advocate can now exclusively reveal it was operations manager, Terry Kapp (65).

Despite arrowroots being the shittest biscuits, Terry has been filmed eating upwards of 5 biscuits a day – often dipping the biscuits in a cup of tea.

However, on odd occasions, it appears as though he is just gnawing on the dry biscuits and even licking them like a horse would with salt-lick.

In the most intriguing video, Terry challenged himself to an arrowroot eating competition where he attempted to fit the most possible arrowroots in his mouth at once – he managed to fit 6 in before choking and vomiting in the kitchen sink.

What remains puzzling to security and the office manager who re-stocks the biscuits, is that there are at least 5 other biscuit flavours that Terry could choose – all undeniably tastier than an arrowroot.

One possible reason for Terry’s lacklustre tastebuds is that he longs for blander foods reminiscent of his upbringing.

Growing up on a farm 100km west of Betoota, Terry wasn’t exposed to any fancy food like his townie cousins.

The Advocate has reached out to Terry for comment but are yet to hear back.

More to come.


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