A suburban family is celebrating an exciting milestone today, as they honour the mortar and pestle that has kept their keys safe for over a decade.

Sitting adjacent to a shallow wicker basket filled with pens, paperclips and a stack of pizza vouchers and water bills, a 5kg Jamie Oliver mortar and pestle has sat dormant on the kitchen bench of the Ellington family for the last ten years.

Initially a thoughtful present from local son Jake to his mum Susanne, The Advocate understands the grinding device carved from granite was gifted to his mother alongside Jamie Oliver’s ‘15-Minute Meals’ cookbook, back in the Christmas of 2012.

However after unwrapping the box and flicking the cardboard into a pile of discarded Christmas paper on that very day, it’s believed the mortar and pestle made it as far as the kitchen bench and was never used for a single piece of cooking.

“Oh darling, I’ll use this!” Susanne had reportedly swooned, back in 2012.

“I can now grind my own peppercorns!”.

But having spent the last 10 years rusted into the same spot, The Advocate can confirm not a single cardamon pod has ever entered the bowl, and it instead has become the daily drop spot for house keys, car keys and a few gold coins.

Speaking to Susanne 10 years on, the suburban Mum said she still thought it was a great gift.

“Oh I really should use it one day shouldn’t I?” Sue lamented to The Advocate.

“Actually I think I’ve still got the pestle somewhere, my husband Gary is using it as a doorstop in the shed!”

More to come.


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