With an early start, grey sky and an inevitable delayed train, the morning commute has at least been improved by a local politician in $500 RMs trying to have a chat with you.

Possibly not even one step above street pests, local and state politicians are known for camping out at train stations, positioning themselves and their volunteers at strategic points like they are playing a game of risk or in actual armed conflict.

The reason for this polite verbal assault before your caffeine has kicked in is so the politician can show locals that they are just like them only with a group of followers who worship them and far nicer shoes.

“Hi there, I’m James Coogley from the Betoota Council,” stated local politician James Coogley, next to a sign featuring his face and job title at Betoota Council.

“We’re just here to talk to you about the upcoming election? Do you have time during your extremely tight scheduled morning commute to talk about a whole list of shit I’m gonna blame on my political rivals?”

According to Coogley’s staff, the public opinion regarding politicians is at an all time low, possibly due to people wishing they were still in bed or because of the last ten years.


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