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A local father of 3 has this week decided he would begin wearing a pork pie hat, in an effort to remind people that he is his own man.

Paul James, 46, purchased the classic-yet-unique fashion accessory at the City Beach boutique, whilst visiting Pacific Fair Shopping Centre on a current family trip to the Gold Coast.

Although maintaining a cool demeanor, Mr James, who works in administration duties at Betoota City Council, admitted he was quite excited by his purchase, and that it was worth every bit of the price tag and the mild tension that followed when he returned to his wife.

“I think it really represents where I’m at in life right now” Paul explained. “Having done all the right things in recent years, but I’m a unique guy. I played in a blues band and we were signed to a label. I watch the ABC and I read Peter Carey. It’s a humble way of saying that I’m a generally just a bit better than the common folk” he said.

“When my kids hit their teens I think they’ll really appreciate having a Dad who gets them and who’ll hang out with them and all of their friends”.

James’ workmates echoed his sentiments. “He’s always been a pretty cool character” said Donny Rudd, who sits at the work station next to James’.

“I often hear the latest up-and-coming music through the partition; Vance Joy, Chet Faker, Holy Holy. And he always has great suggestions for everyone at the pub on Friday’s”.

Paul said he’s very much looking forward to heading back to Betoota and wearing his hat around town and dabbling in casual academia.



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