The new voice for gun reform in the United States, might actually have a political motivation that they aren’t being completely upfront with, says the National Rifle Association.

Several surviving students from a Florida high school where 17 of their classmates and staff members were killed have recently appeared in viral videos and national American media, after their calls for stricter background checks on crazy people who might be interested in going into schools to shoot heaps of kids for no reason.

However, NRA spokesman Wayne LaPierre says he thinks there is something fishy about their recent media appearances, and questions a their motivation to speak out against American gun laws.

“I just don’t think they are being completely honest about their agenda” he says.

“It’s pretty clear to me that what we are dealing with here are anti-gun shills who are just using their notoriety as survivors of one the biggest school shootings in American history to push their political beliefs onto others”

Survivors Emma Gonzalez, Cameron Kasky and Jaclyn Corin recently appeared on Ellen to talk about their experiences over the past week and a half since the Feb. 14 shooting, where they narrowly escaped having a legally obtained bullet fired from a legally obtained semi-automatic assault rifle, into their brains.

“This is the most important thing right now,” Gonzalez said after giving details about her viral speech at the anti-gun rally on Feb. 17. The teenagers then spoke about the March For our Lives, which is scheduled for March 24 in Washington DC.

Today, thousands of students joined their parents in walking past the three-story building at Marjory Stoneman.

The Trump administration has also questioned the motives behind the survivors of this horrific act of domestic terrorism.

“It’s just a bit funny” said one spokesman for the president.

“Why speak up now?”

“Seems a bit opportunistic”


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