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Craig Bellamy has been witnessed by several movie goers over the weekend attending a screening of the new drama I, Tonya, with pen and pad in hand.

The Melbourne Storm coach appears to be researching alternative options that may help in not having his party spoilt by the recently returned and still shit-hot Jonathan Thurston.

His team managed to claim the NRL premiership last year by beating Thurston’s North Queensland Cowboys in the grand final, though the Cow’s were without their captain and chief playmaker on the day.

Thurston was still there in spirit, watching the game from the coaches box due to an injury that had ruled him unfit to play.

“Hmmm Injury” Bellamy was heard saying quietly to himself after the teams again went head to head on Friday night.

This time the Storm were beaten, with much of the credit going to Jonathan Thurston’s fine form.

As the Storm look to go back-to-back in the 2018 premiership, Bellamy has come to realize that the only way to stop the GOAT from winning everything is perhaps best achieved off the field, perhaps after training, perhaps with a telescopic baton.

With many former NRL players who would willingly perform the task for a modest fee, Bellamy has also been heard asking around the club if they still have “those other books”, with which he could finance this endeavor without any red flags.

When confronted with questions about these suspicions, Bellamy let out a small chuckle, which slowly and gradually developed into large, loud and bellowing laugh.


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